About Us

Ronald Green is from the Tsimshian community of Lax KwaLaams, in Northern British Columbia.  An accomplished artist with formal education at the University of Victoria, Ron’s work has been exhibited in Ontario and British Columbia.  Traditional blanket work created by Ronald Everett adorns the walls of locations at resorts and hotels in Canada, the USA and Europe.

Ronald is a graduate of the International Academy of Design where he graduated at the top of his class with an award winning evening wear collection.  Ronald designs, patterns and manufactures all his garments in his own studio.  He draws his inspiration from his heritage that has been passed down in stories, masks, Pow-Wows and Pot Latches.  He also looks to the natural world with all the beauty and interaction that nature provides.

Images of Raven, Killer Whale, Moon and Eagle are just a few of the icons that you will see incorporated in the designs that bring First Nations culture and images to the world of clothing design.  Today, Ron’s clothing designs can be found the world-over; from the USA to Germany to the Philippines.  Look for his designs at the One of a Kind Show and the Canadian Aboriginal Festival as well as Pow Wows and neighbourhood festivals.    Several publications have featured Ronald’s work including Sage, SAY, Style, and Spirit magazines, to name just a few.

Ronald’s designs were recently shown to a world audience during Toronto’s Fashion Week as part of the Fashion Nation component.  This was the opening evening event and the designs were well received. He was also awarded the Male Entrepreneur of the Year  by the Toronto Aboriginal Business Association (accepting the Award pictured above).