Welcome to Ronald Everett Design

First Nations Inspired Contemporary Designs

In our catalogue you will find contemporary fashion designs for both men and women.

Some with and some without native designs.

All designs, both clothing and Native Images, are created by Ronald E Green.

We’ve had a very hectic year.

We’ve added new items to this Web Store, and even managed to bring down some prices.

We’ve added more stories for you. Thousands have visited the site and many discuss how they enjoy the stories. We’ll continue to add stories at a regular rate.

We’ve expanded our lines. You’ll see certain clothing on our Web Store and other items on our eBay site. Be sure to check that one out.

We’ve looked at making a purchase with us a little easier. We’ve moved to US prices. (An apology to fellow Canadians, but it’s the currency of choice, Internationally)

Yes, you read it right: We now sell our garments to an International audience. So whether you are from Canada, the USA or the EU, we’d like to sell our merchandise to you.